Manager of a hotel?

Work on your presence on Google and social networks

How to improve your local visibility?

Thanks to the exclusive content generated by the Pix.City network, develop your notoriety on Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business. Make your hotel visible! presents a sector audit
Thanks to a sectorial audit on Google, Facebook & Linkedin, our experts show you on which themes to communicate on the social networks of your hotel while explaining you how to increase your notoriety (and your bookings!)., your local community manager builds your content from A to Z: design, text, optimized hashtags... Your Facebook & instagram pages become "digital showcases" that your potential customers can visit before booking one (or more) nights at your place
We post your publications on your networks
Posts on Google, response to reviews, optimization of your Google my business page... helps you to improve your local ranking on Google via a dedicated tool.
Let's activate Google and Facebook ads together
Together, we define the most effective keyword campaigns or visuals to generate digital mandates. Google ads, Facebook ads...etc. our experts create, optimize and follow your campaigns on a daily basis!
Découvrez nos audits!

Nos outils ont analysé les publications les plus populaires, les performances publicitaires et le référencement naturel de vos concurrents dans votre secteur d'activité sur Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin...etc
Nos experts ont ensuite détaillé dans un audit 100% personnalisé la meilleure stratégie à adopter pour booster votre visibilité! Community management, Facebook ads, Google ads, référencement local Google... ils vous expliquent comment booster votre chiffre d'affaire sur le digital.

Discover our hotel audit

Discover the best techniques to improve your visibility on Facebook, Instagram and Google my business: type of publications, top hashtags, optimization of your listing and your reviews...

How to generate mandates with a digital strategy?

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Connecting your advertising campaign helps you to create your visual advertisements in the Facebook space and to connect your advertising campaigns to increase the traffic on your website.
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Arbitration of your campaign makes all the necessary adjustments to optimize your Facebook and Google campaign: changing visuals, keywords, audiences, budgets... The team takes care of everything!
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Reservations on your website can redirect your potential customers to the booking page of your hotel website

How does it work?

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Your ad is seen by targeted users
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2 possible choices at this stage
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Your prospect is redirected to your website
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He makes his reservation on your site
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Or he contacts you by phone

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