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Support local businesses around you

Share your favourite shops, places and things to do in your city by publishing cards*

Earn additional income

Help local businesses and brands improve their online visibility on Instagram, Google, Facebook... Earn money for each mission!

Flexible working conditions offers a platform to highlight your offer, create your quotes and contracts, and collect your payment.
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The 3 types of mission that you can complete

Make the most out of your talent and help companies / local businesses in
your geographical area

Community Management

Social Media Manager

Create and manage your clients' social networks, define a strategy with them, and implement it
Community Management


Talk about your customers on your social networks and make their products and services known to your followers
Community Management


Visit your clients and take pictures for their website and social media. A smartphone should be fine.

How to join us?

Subscribe and become a City-maker by answering a few questions for

Complete our Post Challenge or share your ideas in the form of cards* and get yourself noticed by businesses/brands around you.

Receive your missions via the platform and meet your first clients.

Help businesses gain local visibility by offering them creative content

By joining's community of influencers, you'll have access to their favourite places to visit in your area.
Let's grow together! By joining the community, you will gain more than just access to a huge professional network; you will also help local businesses to grow.
You’ll become an influencer and content creator for businesses near you.
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