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Dumgoyne Trail

Could you describe us your hike in a sentence?

The hike up Dumgoyne hill was easy, picturesque and more and more breath-taking the higher you got! It wasn't as tough as some other hikes in Scotland, so it was perfect for a photoshoot and models did not get tired by the time they hiked up! 

How do you get there from Glasgow? 

The best way is definitely to take the car as it is a bit far from main bus routes, but you can take the X10 bus from Glasgow city centre which will take you right to the bottom of the hiking train next to Glengoyne Distillery.

How long does it take?

Google says it takes around 40 minutes to get to Dumgoyne, but it took me about half an hour, an easy and straightforward drive on pretty looking roads! By bus I would say to give yourself an hour or so.

When did you hike here and what kind of equipment did you bring?

It was on a Monday afternoon, probably the quietest time to do it, ever and even then there were quite a few country walkers and runners on the trail. I imagine weekends will be much busier! I brought my camera with me because it was a photoshoot after all, but most importantly I brought sturdy water-proof boots for walking the trail!

How long is the hike? 

The hike time definitely depends on how far up you are planning to go and how fast you walk, but on average, reaching the very top of the Dumgoyne should take around 45 minutes. We hiked up high enough to have the hill as a background and enjoy stunning views around and that took us around an hour, with all the stops for photos. Otherwise it would probably be no more than 15 minutes!

Any highlights of your day?

The stunning view of the Dumgoyne hill on one side and the rolling hills on the other was definitely the highlight! With great weather, we were lucky so see very far around us and enjoy beautiful views of nature around Glasgow, with sheep fields and autumnal colours.

Any country pubs we could try?

Finsbay is a cosy food and drink place in the near neighbourhood of Milngavie, where you can stop off on your way back from hiking for delicious fresh fish and chips! 

Is there any place you can take a good picture of the hike?

If you start your hike just off to the left side of the distillery and walk the trail for about 20 minutes, you will reach a stunning private house in the woods. Past the house and through a gate, you will end up in a sheep field with views of hills on one side and beautiful Dumgoyne hill on the other. That will give you a million opportunities to get a beautiful shot of your hike trail!

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