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Do you want to improve your online visibility?

Thanks to the quality content created by the Pix.City network, you can stand out on Instagram, Facebook and
Google My Business, and target your local area.

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Hop on a 15-minute call with us and we can evaluate your digital communication needs. We specialise in helping property professionals, such as agencies, freelancers and designers.

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High-performing ads

Our team of experts has carried out a detailed study of the property sector in international markets (US, UK and France). We can share the best locally-targeted content posts from leading property professionals with you for free.

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Generate new local leads

Invest in local advertising and focus on a defined group of people close to your business to get calls and visits from potential new customers.

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Discover our free audit

Our experts have analysed and evaluated property accounts in the US, UK and France to understand what types of local content work best on Facebook and Instagram.

This research has been organised into a detailed editorial calendar designed to optimise performance on social networks.

More than 50 property professionals

are already working with us!

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A few examples of our ads


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Promote a Facebook campaign to sell a flat in Chelsea
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