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Paola Vivas

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Greater London

Tacos Padre in Borough Market

Why did you choose this restaurant and how many times have you been here?

I chose it after my friend went there for lunch and recommended it.

How would you convince a friend to come with you?

Very easy, I would just have to say I know some really good places where you can eat tacos - they would normally trust me.

What did you eat and how was it? 

I had an order of beef ribs and some fish aguachile - the were really fresh and a great filling portion to share.

How about the atmosphere of the place?

I loved it because it was very busy and we had to squeeze in to get a sit. That gave me the feeling of being in a really good taqueria place in Mexico.

What did you think of the staff, were they nice?

Yes, they were. Very attentive.

Ok, hang on a minute:

If you could rename the restaurant, what name would you choose for it and why?

I actually absolutely love the name, it sends me straight back to Mexico and brings a great feeling of comfort.

Is there any city around the world where you wouldn't be surprised to see this restaurant?

Uh... Mexico? 

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