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Restaurant Chez Mérie à Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise

Why this restaurant and how many times have you been there?

Near Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise, it is possible to hike for around 1h-1h30 to reach the village of Monal. Magic ballad in summer! The village is only accessible on foot.

Coming down from the hike, on the way back, several friends strongly recommended that we go to lunch at Mérie's.

When you have 5 different friends from 5 different cities who don't know each other and you say to yourself "You absolutely have to go there, otherwise you are a failure", in general it smells of good plan :)

How would you convince a friend to go?

We are on a typical word of mouth address. A note: you can order a rib of beef and see it cook directly in the fireplace (it must be an old Neanderthal residue but I like it). Below the terrace with a view of the surrounding mountains, you arrive at an outdoor swimming pool. 

What did you eat and how was it?

Aperitif in "tapas" mode with a rosé wine "Saint Julie des vignes" which I already knew and which I find extraordinary (it is difficult to find). Then polenta rib of beef and finally blueberry pie. My friends had also ordered Diots (typical Savoy sausage) and everyone really liked it.

Are we talking about decoration?

Chalet, chalet, chalet. Wood, fireplace, row of bottles. And above all this feeling of being at home, warm. Ultra cozy;)

What did you think of the service, the welcome?

Perfect with I don't know why the feeling that it was a family that was behind the stoves and in the dining room. It gives a super warm and relaxed side. Very cool.

Sorry, but:

Can we say we come from you?

No !!! But it will change, we will talk about it in 1 year;)

If you had to rename the restaurant, what would you call it?

Chez Heïdi (little moment back to childhood).

In which other city of the world would you see this restaurant?

In Switzerland, in a typical village.

To summarize your experience, you would choose which Gif?

Julien Wolff







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